Many consumers are deciding to buy a new home because of the money-saving advantages it provides. A new home makes good financial sense, and with many consumers looking to cut costs and unnecessary spending, you can have the best of both worlds – saving some green and the house of your dreams.

Perhaps the biggest plus is that, since they’re brand-new, the maintenance nightmares that often accompany a pre-owned home don’t exist. Many advancements and improvements have been made over the past few years to help homes become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In-home technology has improved, and things like Nest thermostats have become a standard part of the HVAC installation. This means, in addition to the whole-house heating and air conditioning system, you will be saving money because the Nest thermostat will adapt to your life’s patterns.

In addition to the updated technology, efficiency tests – like the blower door test – have developed, and provide certified reassurance that the home is properly sealed. Using heat loss cameras, a large fan, and a systematic test, our technicians identify any areas that could cause drafts and are addressed to make sure your house stays warm and cozy or nice and cool throughout the year.

When you buy a pre-owned home, you’re buying someone else’s vision of a dream home. Even if your styles align, there is always something that is outdated or not exactly the selection you would have made. And with Silverthorne’s idea of standard selections being higher than most other builders, you’ll often get more for your money with something another builder may have considered (or still consider) an upgrade.

With a new home, the design limits are as high as you want them to be, and building a new home means customizing features that would cost more to change out in an existing home. With design choices at the tips of our fingers through Pinterest and Houzz, you’ll be able to choose everything from hardwood flooring to cabinetry, door knobs to lighting – and everything in between.

In the end, buying new makes sense: less to keep you up at night, environmentally and cost-effective technology, and design choices that align with your lifestyle and personality.