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The excitement of moving into your first home, second home, first NEW construction home can be very exciting, but choosing where to set your roots, that is just as, if not more important. What is the local scene like? How are the schools? What will my neighbors be like? Will I even have neighbors? The wonderful thing about new construction is, you can decide just about anywhere you want to be, to include brand new communities. You can help establish a new community or neighborhood. There are a lot of pros of buying new construction in a brand new community, like picking a prime lot or being the first to welcome new neighbors for example. However, for some there are some cons, which means buying in a closeout community may be for you! Below are the top “pros” of buying in a closeout community!

Benefits of Buying in a Closeout Community

3. Neighborhood Amenities: Completed or Nearly Complete
Neighborhood amenities like parks, lakes, sidewalks, etc. are most likely done or will be done very shortly. If the neighborhood amenities are important to you and your family, buying in a close out community may be a good suite for you, no long wait for these to be completed.

2. Model and Spec Homes
For some the joy of picking out every last fixture, paint color, trim, flooring, etc for your new home is exciting and a must, however for others, this can be very challenging or a daunting task. In a closeout community, there will most like be a model or spec homes available with all of the nitty-gritty details carefully selected already for you. No stress about, will this paint match that floor, or does this marble clash with that fixture? You can still get a quality NEW construction home, without the stress, or more importantly the wait. 

1. Little to No Construction
One of the largest factors for a new community is the long line of construction that is sure to take place, for some this is no big deal and even exciting to watch a new neighborhood develop, but others may see it as a hassle or aggravating. If this has been your turn off for a new neighborhood, a closeout community may be the perfect fit. It is still a “newer” neighborhood but already near completion, this means little to no construction traffic. Less noise, less dust, less stress…if this is something that is attractive to you, maybe it’s time to look at a closeout community.

At Silverthorne we currently have one very popular neighborhood that is on its closeout journey. With only 9 lots left, North Grove Crossings in Sycamore wont last long and the chance for new construction homes will be gone. We currently have 2 spec homes available in North Grove Crossing, which leaves 7 lots for new ground up construction. Don’t miss your chance to get into this extremely popular Sycamore neighborhood, if you are interested in seeing what we have to offer in North Grove or any of our other communities, contact Jim today!