What To Expect

We're Not Amazon Prime

We live in a world of amazing technology and manufacturing innovation. We can have Amazon Prime bring us anything we want within 2 days, sometimes within hours after we order. We can Facetime with family all around the world, day or night. We can furnish our homes without ever stepping foot inside a store. But forget all of that, when you build with Silverthorne Homes, the men and women of your community build your home with their bare, callused, experienced hands. Just as we all do, they have their off days and they have their good days. Problems will arise, but we always work through them. We are true to our word when we say we are authentic and tell it like it is. Run, don’t walk, away from a builder that says the process will be easy, because it won’t be, but WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Your House is a Prototype

Your home is a beta version, it’s the only one being built like it. We have built a lot of our popular models, but when you look at the fine details, not one home is built exactly the same, ever. Each lot or location has different requirements used to modify the plans and mechanicals to suit the site we are on each and every time, along with the customizations that YOU desire. Because your new home is unique, there will be mistakes made, you will get upset, however, we own our mistakes and do what we can do make the wrongs right. 

If you don’t want to be upset during the process, then don’t build a house. Again, authenticity, we won’t just tell you what the marketing people want you to hear, we want to be up front and honest with you every step of the way. That’s what makes a Silverthorne Home and our team stand out among the rest, we treat you like a member of the family, not just another customer. 

You Are Buying Our Process

This is the key to buying a new home, you are not just buying a home from us. You’re buying into the system and processes that have made us a successful company and delivery dream homes to hundreds of families. Trust in our process and trust in us, we will never put you and your family in a home that isn’t built right. Through our exclusive Online Customer Portal, you will be able to follow your home as it’s being built. Your New Home Superintendent will upload progress photos and communicate with you via the portal. In the portal you will make your selections and communicate with various team members, all while being able to trust us as your builder because you see it all, every step of the way.

Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Building A Custom Home

Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seat belts and keep your arms and legs in at all times, it’s going to be a bumpy and exciting ride. So just relax, breath deeply, and be really, really glad we have your back and are going to deliver the end result you expect. The process can be ugly, that’s a fact. We make it easier for you, we will constantly be in communication with you about all of the wins and losses while building your home. Construction is a messy dirty business, but once it’s over and you sit back in your new living room, or unwind in your spa-like owners suite, it will have all been worth it. We are on this ride with you.