Neighboring towns rallied around Fairdale, IL in the aftermath of the tornado, and volunteers flooded in to assist residents. A task force was assembled after it was determined that despite the magnitude of destruction, the scope wasn’t large enough to warrant federal aid. A year later and life has started to settle – at least for those outside of Fairdale.

Workers install windows and doors from outside the home


With many Fairdale residents left without personal belongings, the initial volunteers and donations were valued and welcome, but one year later a family without a home receives an outpouring of support from Habitat for Humanity, and Silverthorne owners, Keith Almady and Jim Work, have collaborated with their business partners to receive generous donations of labor and supplies.

Man installs door with drill           Workers install windows from inside a home, while one worker looks through the window           Workers install windows from inside a home


This past Friday, Anderson Windows arrived at the home to deliver and install new exterior windows and doors. Hines Building Supply joined in celebration and provided a barbecue for all the workers in the area, to share appreciation for all the hard work and contributions that have gone into this project.

And progress has been made since then! The plumbing is complete, and insulation is targeted for next weekend. Follow updates on this build through Silverthorne or Habitat for Humanity’s Facebook page, and keep an eye out for the completed home!