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I recently purchased a home from Silverthorne, a house that was already completed. I love my home and Jim and Logan went out of their way to make some changes to the home even though it was already completed. I’ve built two other homes from the ground up and the construction seems very solid with great insulation compared to the other two homes I built with very large builders. Overall my experience has been great and I had a meeting with their warranty person last month who called just to see how things were going and if I had any issues. Glad to report nothing other than typical drywall pops and some paint which he assured me he would fix at our next checkup. I was asked to leave a review by Jim Dulaney of Silverthorne Builders. Jim reached out to me to ask if I would leave a review and while I don’t normally do this, I felt that I should given some negative reviews I’ve seen on here that do not match my experience at all. Best of luck to Jim, Logan and the rest of the team as they’ve been splendid.