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When beginning the search for a home, one decision you will have to make to help narrow down all of the choices, is deciding if you want a one-story or two-story home. But how do you decide? What are the benefits and drawbacks to each? There are advantages to both styles of home, so it’s important to know which style would work best for your family and lifestyle.

Some may argue that a two-story home is more economical because it requires less foundation or a simpler roof structure, but a one-story home offers more living space since the square footage (and money) isn’t eaten up with staircases. As you make your list of pros and cons, you will want to consider what will work long-term; after all, you’re building your forever home!

Single-Story Homesfront exterior of two-story home

With no staircases to navigate, families with members at either end of the age spectrum and with any mobility needs, will find a space that fits their lifestyle. Practically speaking, single-story homes require fewer bathrooms, which saves you both cleaning time and money – which means more money for upgrades or special features like a spa-like bathroom!

If you’re considering a ranch home, but still looking for some additional space, finishing your basement might be an alternate solution. This option allows for added living space that can be customized to meet your needs. Some families want an extra space for guests or separate space for their teens to study and relax with their friends, while others are looking for a place for their children or grandchildren to play, without having to keep toys in a bedroom.

Two-Story Homes

Front exterior of two-story homeOne distinct advantage to a two-story home is the separation between rooms and living space. Many families find this beneficial if they are entertaining, however, plans like the Bettendorf allow tucked away bedrooms that can help keep some sounds away from those who are sleeping. Two-story home designs are slightly more versatile because they have more attachment points for porches and elements that can transform the style.


Whether you’re looking for a home to age in, more separation between rooms, or less space to clean, the choice you make depends on what looks and feels right for you and fits in with your home needs. While you’re deciding, you can tour one of our available homes or browse our floor plans.