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Did you know September is National Baby Safety month? We did and we wanted to share some home safety tips for your new and even existing Silverthorne home. Whether you’re new parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles, it’s important to always remember these tips if you will have babies and children in your home.

In the Kitchen…

With so many potential hazards in the kitchen it’s important to always remember these tips:

Don’t hold your baby/child while cooking.

Turn handles towards the back of the stove in order to prevent those little fingers from grabbing and tipping over hot liquids.

Keep knives, heavy pots and breakables out of reach or in locked cabinets.

Lock all cabinets and drawers.

In the Nursery…

The first place that is truly “their own”, keep it and them safe by following these simple tips:

Move furniture away from windows to help prevent children from falling through or even becoming tangled in the window cords.

Use a mattress that fits snug to prevent your baby from slipping between the mattress and the crib.

secure all furniture to the wall or floors wherever possible to prevent being tipped.

Protect those little fingers with outlet safety covers.

Top Hidden Hazards:

According to the Baby Safety Zone, these are some of the most “forgetable” safety hazards.

Small Magnets (Swallow Hazard)

Loose Change (Swallow Hazard)

Loose Rug (Tripping Hazard)

Hot Coffee Mug (Burn Hazard)

Coords, Strings, etc (Strangulation Hazard)

Needless to say the amount of hazards in a home to infants and children go on and on. The Children in your life, whether yours, family or friends, their safety should be a top priority every day, not just during Baby Safety Month.

For more tips on how to keep your babies safe, visit babysafetyzone.org.

Stay up to date on the most recent product recalls at recalls.gov.