If you drove through North Grove Crossings you might think we are still celebrating St. Patrick’s day, but those green houses pop up all year round and is one of the ways we provide quality construction to build an efficient home. After exploring different options, Two-story home with green zip systemwe discovered the ZIP System.

The ZIP System is a water resistant and air barrier that provides a barrier to keep air and moisture out, and energy savings and comfort in.

During construction, your home is exposed to the elements and its important to put up a resistant barrier that protects your home from water and other elements, and if you’re building in the Quad Cities or Northern Illinois, you’re likely to have a variety of elements that your home needs to withstand. Pairing this quality product with other energy efficient choices like the blower-door test or Nest thermostat, you’ll likely see great savings in energy costs.

When it comes to energy efficiency, we have found none that compare to the value the ZIP System provides. It’s just one way that you can get more with a Silverthorne home.