We Make it Easy to Build on Your Lot

Do you have a dream location, a dream floor plan, or both? At Silverthorne Homebuilders, we are ready to work with you to help build your house on your lot or you can browse through our floor plans to find one that will fit well in your desired location.

The process of building a home on your lot begins with the land you love. If you own a lot, are inheriting land, or are currently looking to buy land in your dream location, we are happy to meet with you to examine the land and help you understand what type of home would work best on the land you are choosing. One of the benefits to working with a builder that has portfolios of new homes is that you can visualize the selections you are making by viewing photographs of existing homes or walking through a model home. This can help you make important decisions like the style of home you are looking to build, what type of space would work best for your family, and get a feel for what to expect from the finished product.

The path to your dream home can depend on a few factors, particularly your budget, your timeline, and the level of customization you are looking for.


Building a custom home on your land is a very different process than either buying an existing house or having a new house built in one of our existing communities. In order to have a new home, custom built on your lot, you will need:

  1. Find Your Builder: An organized, experienced, professional home builder.
  2. Money: either cash or a construction loan.
  3. Land: that is appropriate for building a house.
  4. Floor Plan: A house plan that fits your needs, wants, and budget.

At Silverthorne Homes, we have built hundreds of homes in our history, and our staff have built many more under their tenures at other builders throughout their careers. One of our core values as a company is to be ‘Authentic’. Meaning, we’re going to tell you how it is, now how the industry tells us it should be. We are also not going to hide things from you. We don’t want you to sign a contract for $X dollars and surprise you along the way with a bunch of unexpected changes that a professional organized company should have seen coming. If your lot or your plan has some problems, we’ll discuss those together and come up with a plan of action together.  We’re going to tell you this process is hard, because it is and any builder that tells you it isn’t is just lying to youWe’re going to tell you this process is hard, because it is. However, we’re also going to tell you the end result is completely worth it.

After building hundreds of homes for different families, individuals, and personalities; what we have learned over the years is that there are different methods that work well for some people and not for others. The big takeaway for us, is that you need someone in your corner that can be your trusted expert.


When evaluating prospective builders, there area variety of factors to consider:

  1. Quality of Construction: What you really want to know here is whether the house you are having built will serve your needs over time without a lot of expensive repairs or hassle. Utilize steps 3 and 4 to determine the quality of Silverthorne Homes, you can even request a tour of a current ‘Under Construction’ home.
  2. The Builders Process: It is important to understand the complete building process, not only from the ground up, but after the final product is delivered. At Silverthorne Homes, we not only have a solid process during the build, but we have a dedicated Warranty team to address any issues that may arise AFTER the construction is over.
  3. Online Reputation: This isn’t about glancing at the number of stars on a Google or Facebook review. READ the comments people have left, both legitimate complaints and praises. Because we are authentic, we won’t pay to have negative reviews removed like other companies might, we want you to see everything that we see. 
  4. Ask Previous Clients: Request a list of past customers from the builder, we are more that happy to provide that for you. Ask those customers about the details of the builder’s process, how well they communicated and how responsive they were to their concerns or mistakes. Referrals and previous clients will be your most honest source of builder reviews.


If you have cash to pay for your new home without borrowing from the bank, then you don’t need the bank. However, most people building a custom home will go through the construction loan process. At Silverthorne Homes, one of our experienced New Home Sales Consultants can put you in contact with a lender who we know and trust, who has proven over time to take care of our valued customers. Before you make the emotional commitment to a house you can’t afford, figure out what you can afford. 


If you already own the land you’re planning on building on, you’re ahead of the game, but if you’re starting at the very beginning, buying land can seem like a stressful and painful process. There’s no instruction manual or process on how to do it or even a clear pace to start. That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve helped many families work through the struggle of finding, evaluating, negotiating, and closing on their dream piece of land. There are five basic steps to finding and buying a piece of land for your dream home:

  1. Financing: Without a source of funds, your new home is just a day dream. This step usually accompanies the construction loan process. 
  2. Finding: Sometimes what might seem like a deal, really can be a daunting and stressful reality. We are experienced in helping homeowners finding and determining all pros and cons of the land.
  3. Evaluating: Is the land even suitable for building?
  4. Negotiating: Sometimes land is overpriced (or even underpriced at times), or you may find land that isn’t even on the market, but could be bought for the right price. We can help you. 
  5. Closing: This is when the land and money change hands. 


By now you’ve already have your wish list of all the upgrades and features you want to have in your home. It’s also probably why you have come to us, because you want a home that is a little more unique than most of your family and friends. You’ve come this far, which means you are ready to take the next step and paint the picture of what your ideal home looks like. We have a large variety of floor plans you can customize to make your own.  We aren’t like a large national builder who has a “list” of options and can’t deviate from that list. The list of options with Silverthorne is literally endless and our new home specialist along with our drafting team can help you modify and customize one of our homes to make it truly your own.

    Already Have Land?

    The first step to building your dream home is selecting the perfect plan. Explore a variety of home plans to fit you wants and needs, that we can build on your land.

    Still Looking For Land?

    Not a problem! We have access to premium lots in communities and subdivisions that may not even be advertised. We have relationships with realtors, developers, land sellers and investors and we have our ear to the ground always looking for great new home sites for our customers. Our New Home Sales team can help you find the lot and home of your dreams. 

    Ready to Buy?

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