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The kitchen is the hub of the home. Have you ever noticed when you have company over, no matter how many cozy areas you have for people to sit, so many people gather in the kitchen? Every year I host holiday gatherings, company parties, dinner with friends and family, and one thing I always see is that the kitchen table is one place people are always gathering – sometimes even passing up the couch to sit there! Your kitchen deserves as much attention during the building process as it gets when the house is finished. What’s great is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great kitchen – although if you are looking for a place to spend it, the kitchen is the most popular place for upgrades and extra details.

It’s easy to get lost on Pinterest trying to come up with the perfect kitchen. With many cabinet, flooring, and granite choices available to you, it can be a bit overwhelming as you start making selections. Be inspired by some of our current homeowners and see what the kitchen inside your Silverthorne home could look like!

Make it the Focus
If you want your kitchen to be the center of the home, you can create an illusion with colors and features that help draw attention to this central location. Contrasting cabinets and the countertop color can make your kitchen stand out and create it as the true focal point of the home. Adding a backsplash creates a personal touch and gives it a “splash” of color, and can also save you when you “splash” on the walls! You can even use light fixtures to draw the attention to the beautifully set table.


Think Efficiently
One of the best things I did when building my home is have the builders move the sink from the middle of the island to the side. Generally, the sinks are placed in the center, which can provide a pleasing look aesthetically. However, what I wanted was workspace, and by moving the sink over to one side, I created a larger workspace on my island counter. A small change like this needs to be requested early but is a small and inexpensive way to make your kitchen more functional.

Kitchen showing sink on one side of island to create more workspace


The kitchen islands that are included in most of our homes provide extra gathering space or a place for your friends to sit and chat as you cook a meal. If you like the counter-height tables, a great way to save space is to purchase additional chairs that fit at both your table and kitchen island. This leaves room at the table when it’s just your family, but allows you to seat everyone together at gatherings, without having to drag in folding chairs.

Whatever style you choose in your kitchen, don’t be afraid to be different. New trends begin all the time and are started simply because someone decided they liked the look of gray cabinets on their island and white ones on the wall.