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For many years we saw a decrease in desire to have a formal dining room in a home. Most homeowners looked for a kitchen with eat-in area for family meals and a counter with bar stools for less formal meals throughout the day. There were all types of thoughts among why this might be – less time to have a formal meal, less time to clean an extra room, wanting more space in other areas of the home, etc.

For a long time, dining rooms were seen as stiff, formal rooms that gathered dust and held Grandma’s pristine china that you did not touch. But as homes have become more modern, and hosting gatherings at home is becoming increasingly popular, we have started seeing a rise in people asking for a formal dining space. What we are hearing is that people want to have a separate space so that when there is time for the family to sit down and enjoy a meal together, they can do so without other distractions around the home. These dining rooms are shifting from formal spaces to comfortable family environments, and with many families pressed for time, they are becoming evermore popular among new homeowners to enjoy the little time together in a family setting.

In addition to having a space to spend time together as a family, many homeowners who enjoy hosting gatherings with friends and family appreciate having a space away from the kitchen prep mess. I know when having people come over for dinner, I enjoy taking off my apron and stepping into a separate space, where we can enjoy each other’s company. While we are seeing a rise in demand for the formal dining room, we also understand that it just isn’t for some people! That’s why we offer a mix of floor plan styles to help you find exactly what works for your personal taste and lifestyle.

One concern that is often expressed with a dining room, is that it will take away from other areas of the house. While it will take up some of the square footage (there’s no way to avoid that), there are some things you can do to make it an exciting piece of your home! One homeowner in the Williamson model, added a gorgeous chandelier and a splash of color, making this space inviting and exciting. 

Another homeowner added charming custom woodwork to add a personal touch and create a more formal feel without the traditional look.

Dining room with custom woodwork

So what do you think? Are dining rooms coming back? Do you think you’d have a dining room in your home?