Granite is the standard surface selection for all Silverthorne kitchen and bathroom counters. It was selected because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and, of course, the gorgeous look. Granite is a practical and sustainable choice that emphasizes quality and has the ability to hold up to all of life’s activities!

Light gray graniteBlack and brown graniteLight brown graniteLight brown graniteBrown with some black graniteLight tan and gray graniteBlack graniteLight brown with a little black granite

Bathroom sink and counter

With the kitchen generally being the central-hub of the home, and the bathrooms close behind, we needed a surface that could withstand all of life’s events, and offer a variety of selections to appeal to your personal style. Granite can withstand more heat than most stones, and can support heavy pots and pans as they are repeatedly placed on the surface. It holds solid while little ones (or adults) climb, work, clean, and go through everyday life events. While it isn’t indestructible, and can break or chip when subjected to extreme abuse, it is able to withstand most daily activities and last a lifetime (and beyond).

You may have heard that granite is a porous stone, and while it does have some porosity, granite is sealed prior to installation; stains only occur if a liquid with a strong oil or dye is left on the counter for several hours. Granite is a lifetime product, and while it is recommended to be sealed every year (which can be done with a granite sealant from your local hardware store), it is durable enough to withstand tough messes and helps to make clean up a breeze.

Kitchen with white cabinets and light graniteBut the most important factor homeowners look at when purchasing a home is the aesthetics of the “builder standards”. We understand you don’t want to pay too much more for something that looks nice, so we provide three tiers of available selections to help you get what you want, and stay on budget. Each cut of the stone offers a slight variation in pattern, providing a unique perspective and personal touch to your home, and many of the standard options pair nicely with our cabinet selections. But if you don’t like any of our options, we’ll help you find what you’re looking for by browsing the granite supply house to make your own selection. Personalization is the Silverthorne way, and we are dedicated to making sure your selections fit your style.