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About 4 years ago, we stopped showing people white cabinet options and doors when selecting cabinetry.  Rarely did a homebuyer inquire about white cabinets.  Some buyers even scoffed at the offering.  In my opinion (and theirs), the white cabinets were “So 90’s.”  We thought the days of white cabinets were over just a few years ago….

Just a few years and white cabinets are ALL THE RAGE.  Pick up a kitchen and bath remodeling magazine.  Peruse the internet, look at Pinterest or sites like Houzz.com.  You will find page after page of white kitchens and bathrooms.  If your taste is traditional or modern, or anywhere in-between, expect to find a white cabinet to suit your style.   Even vendors of related products are noticing the trend.  Check out this article by Moen.

The movement toward white cabinets seems to be pervasive.  New kitchens and remodels in all price points appear to be moving away from the dark espresso that has been a favorite in recent years.  From custom cabinetry to affordable Lowe’s designs, white is the new black (or at least, the new espresso).

We know when it’s time to make a change. Our buyers have let us know their thoughts.  Silverthorne homebuyers are surveyed by mail after they finish building a new home. After a few buyers made negative comments about the lack of white cabinet options or demanded that we find some for their selections, we have brought them back.  Effective September 1st, we will be offering Kemper Echo and Merillat Cabinetry styles in white.  We will have access to a number of styles but will keep a few white options and toasted white options in our standard options from now on. As usual, if there’s something you’ve seen that you like and want in your new home, just mention it and we will have our team investigate the options for you in your new custom home!