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We are a few weeks into the new year and have been keeping a close watch on what’s coming into the home design realm for this upcoming year. Browsing trending websites, reading articles from top designers, and observing the selections of past and present homebuyers, has helped us identify some of the key trends that we will likely see grow this year.

Ranch floor plans

With more and more people looking to simplify their lives and this generation of home buyers staying in their homes longer than ever before, many people are looking at ways to create that forever home. Gone are the days of multiple moves from a starter home to a family home and then downsizing for retirement. Many homeowners now find themselves looking for a home that is multipurpose and can serve all their needs through each stage of life. We’ve specifically seen the increased popularity of ranch floor plans in our neighborhoods and have our two most popular ranch homes available to walk through as model homes.

Great room with carpet, couch, chairs and fireplace

Bold Cabinetry Colors

Blue cabinets, gold hardware, accented islands, white counters, all of these colors that were considered daring in the past are finding their way into the homes of this year. With kitchens already being the hub of the home, we are seeing colors pop up to liven up the space and turn a common storage space into a stunning focal piece.

Outdoor living space

Simple, comfortable, inviting. These are the keywords across all of the trending designs, so there’s no surprise that a cozy and welcoming porch space is on this list. Whether you add fluffy pillows to the lawn chairs on your back patio, a porch swing to the front, or a fireplace to your back deck, the trend of making your home a welcoming place is increasing more and more as people move away from connecting in the local pubs to developing relationships with a cold brew at home.


While this really isn’t a new trend, it’s still certainly a popular one! We are always looking for ways to make a home feel more organized and easy to live in. Features like Mudroom benches, built-in bookshelves, and California closets, as well as decorative ones like baskets, buckets, and totes are finding their way into more and more homes to help make everyday living effortless, or at least reduce some of the chaos in everyday life.