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Here we are, my favorite part of the entire process – it’s time to turn your house into a home! We have secured the permit, poured a strong foundation, built the walls and protected your home. On the outside, the house looks like it could be complete, but on the inside we work diligently to apply every detailed selection you picked through the online portal.

This phase of the process is one of the longer phases, and the growth isn’t as obvious as it was in phase two. This is because each selection requires great attention to detail and our committed tradespeople work to personalize your home efficiently. In this phase, your bare walls will become cozy colors and your kitchen will come to life. The bedrooms and bathrooms will start to look like bedrooms and bathrooms, and at the end of the process, the floor plan you once envisioned on paper will be transformed into your dream home. 

The process begins with filling the walls with insulation and covering them up with drywall, transforming your rooms into a liveable space. The first coat of priming paint will go on covering the walls and ceiling.

Up next is the hardwood and tile, this phase can be confusing to some people, because the carpet is installed at a later date. The hardwood and tile are much easier to clean and need additional time to settle in. This also allows a clean look for the cabinets, which are next on the list to be installed.

Closeup of hand of worker putting tiles on the floor.      great room with hardwood, fireplace, stairs

Once the cabinets are in, the trim and millwork is added; this step adds so much depth and life to your new home. There are plenty of choices for the type of custom woodwork you can add, and while most of our existing floor plans include special details like this, there are additional customizations you can add by request.

contrasting stairs with dark stain steps and white painted details     Great room with coffered ceiling and fireplace     doorhead trim detail

Next we complete some of the main rooms! Your gorgeous granite countertops will complete the cabinets, the bathrooms will be finished, your kitchen appliances will be installed, and the light fixtures will go up! The final coats of paint will be painted, and the carpet will be put in the bedrooms. It is during this step that your house, albeit due for a good cleaning, will finally feel like home.

kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter

As part of our commitment to the relationship with our customers, we offer a pre-closing walkthrough as a courtesy to address any touch-ups, confirm everything is in working order and that all changes you negotiated in the contract were applied. While we do walk through the homes prior to this, and have most items addressed before your walkthrough, an extra set of eyes is always a good idea to make sure you’re happy with your final product.