“The Measure of Quality” …  “The Benchmark of Quality”…

“You’ll get the highest quality construction in the area” … “Quality is Job #1″…

You hear a whole lot of talk about quality when selecting a builder or shopping for a home, we would like to set the record straight and let you know what we feel quality means when we build a home for you and your family.

What defines quality? Do expensive materials define quality? Do beautiful tile and cabinets define quality? Will the home perform like you think it should? Is it a quality home that exceeds building codes? Can you measure quality?

Of course every builder is going to tell you they build a quality home, but do they pay attention to important details along the way?

We believe that quality goes beyond the tile or cabinets that are put into your home. Quality is the entire building experience. We select the best materials we can. That doesn’t always mean that the product we select is the most expensive or least expensive product available for that application. Over years of experience we’ve learned what products and techniques work and which ones don’t. For instance, we’re proud to say that all of our ceramic tile and stone installations follow the current TCA guidelines for underlayment and tile setting processes. The most expensive imported tile laid over an improper subfloor will only lead to cracking and broken tiles many years down the road. Many builders out there stick by the old “that’s the way we’ve done it for 15 years!” mantra. Sure, you might have been doing it for 15 years, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been doing it correctly. How’s that for a quality job?

Windows for instance are a measure of quality in our mind as well as many home buyers. However, it’s not just the windows that the builder specifies and installs. We install windows from proven manufacturers who will be around to service and warranty the windows, as well as provide us a good leak free and energy efficient window. However, even if someone claims to have a quality house because of expensive windows, did the builder install those windows correctly? Did he or she flash those windows properly using standards outlined by building science testing labs that have determined best practices? I recently heard a story from an investor who owns a few brick rental homes. Sure, they look very nice and it must have been a quality job looking at it from the street and he always has quality tenants and they’re very popular with renters. However, literally all of the windows on one side of the homes leak when there is a heavy rain. There are very expensive windows installed in the openings that look great inside and out the home. But how great is all of that brick and expensive window units when they leak during a heavy rain? Not such a quality job anymore.

Of course, we’d be lying to you if we said no one makes mistakes. Frankly, any builder who tells you that their houses are perfect or won’t have problems is lying straight to your face! We have a quality team of trade partners who care about their work. To us, a quality experience is how we handle any issues during the warranty period. We proactively touch base with our customers before the 12 month mark to handle any issues and make sure that everything is operating properly in their home. Some contractors and builders try to ignore warranty issues with the hopes that they go away eventually. We have a proven system in place using our online portal to follow up and communicate with our customers to ensure that when something isn’t right, we make it right and don’t just forget about it. That’s a quality experience.

Cost does not equal value. We from time to time change the products and suppliers we use in an effort to continually improve our homes and our processes. A lot of times we’ll spend more on things that you’ll never see (remember that tile underlayment above?) We try our very best to poll previous clients and keep up with current trends to ensure that we’re delivering a quality product with VALUE for you and your family. For instance, we recently made the change to including dovetail drawers on all of the cabinetry in our homes. It costs us a little more, but it provides a durable cabinet drawer that can hold more weight and when the little ones decide to hang onto one with all of their weight, it will still be there when they’re done. You won’t see that looking at pictures of our homes, but it’s a simple touch that we feel adds value and quality.

We believe that quality, when built into our homes through thoughtful attention to detail along with valuable products generates emotions and feelings within those who have taken part in it’s creation.  When you have made something that you are proud of, when you have produced a home that brings smiles to your customers, then you have achieved Quality!