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Curb Appeal
The first impression of your home can be a factor in how quickly your house sells and how soon you’ll be moving into your new home. Think about what intrigued you to check out a Silverthorne home – maybe you drove by one of our model homes and it caught your eye, or you stopped by our website and caught a glimpse at the exteriors of our floor plans, if it was a special interior feature that made you fall in love, it’s likely that the exterior helped you feel welcomed as you walked inside. As you get your house ready to sell, think about that and consider things like updating or tidying up your landscaping, and sweeping your front porch of any leaves, cobwebs, or other debris. Little things like a fresh coat of paint on your front door and address numbers can make your home easier to find and give it a fresh look. The first thing future homebuyers will see as they walk in your house are the ones that will set the tone for the tour.

Just like the exterior of the home will catch their eye, the entryway will welcome them inside. Many people enter their homes through the garage, but it’s likely a realtor will bring them in through the front door for their tour. Since many people don’t walk in this way every day, it can be overlooked. Freshen up the entry with a small table or chair with a throw pillow and add a basket to catch extras like shoes and umbrellas. Use statement pieces to add a splash of color and a lamp on a table to brighten up the area and add some visual difference. Tidy up the area with paint touch ups or washing scuffs off the walls. These small changes can make the first steps into your home make someone else feel like they have just entered their new home!

Foyer with orange rug and decor

Walk into your home like you’re touring it for the first time. Most tours start in the foyer and walk side-to-side as they make their way to the back of the house. Make sure key areas like the kitchen, dining, and family rooms are free of clutter or any extras that may make the space seem smaller than it is. When someone walks int your home, you want them to be thinking where their furniture will go, which room will be dedicated to each person or activity, and how they will set up the house to make it their home. Removing personal items can help, but isn’t always necessary. Following the declutter rule can help make this decision, so if you have a mantel full of family pictures, you may want to reduce it to one or two, but seeing a happy family in a home just may make someone realize all the great memories they could make in that home.

Paint the Walls
One way to make your house feel more modern and fresh is with a solid neutral paint color. While you may love that stunning red kitchen, bold colors can often discourage potential buyers from purchasing a home, and some colors can make spaces feel smaller causing them to not see the full potential of the home. Painting rooms or walls that have bold or specialized colors can help people feel like the home is ready for them to move into, and not prevent someone from crossing your home off their list because they feel like they would have more work to do after they move in.

Ask your Realtor
As you’re getting ready to list your home, utilize your realtor to make suggestions for improvements that you can make. Most realtors have seen hundreds of homes and know what sells well and what takes a little longer. This outside perspective can serve as a second set of eyes giving a different and educated perspective to get your house sold! The sooner you sell your home, the sooner you can move into your dream Silverthorne home!