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The day’s finally here! You’ve closed on your new home, the moving truck has driven away and it’s time to unpack. Ten boxes in and you realize, “WHERE is the toilet paper?!” It’s at this time you realize all your essentials are neatly packed away in one of those boxes labeled “Master Bedroom” and the iPad charger (that is needed to entertain your children while you unpack) is rolled up with the rest of the cords in the box for the office – the one you planned to organize when you unpacked. You’re about 3% battery life away from losing your cool when you remember this isn’t your first rodeo, and this time you have a magical box labeled “First Night at Home”.

We have all been there, so take it from me (a woman who has moved more times than years she’s been married) and pack up that box of essentials, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Top five things to include in your essentials box to survive the first night in a new home

  1. Toilet paper
    Well, toiletries in general, but this one is a must and was always the last thing I remembered. Don’t risk having to rush to the gas station in the middle of the night for that one ply!
  2. BeddingBed in a room with a lot of natural light
    You’re going to want to make your bed, you’re going to need your sleep. Moving (even if you have movers, but especially if you don’t) is exhausting. It’s physically, mentally, and even emotionally draining. There are so many things you will want to do, but get a good night’s sleep in a freshly made bed and you will be ready to unpack the whole house the next day (or at least a few of those boxes).
  3. Portable snacks and bottled water
    Let’s be real – food is important, and moving on an empty stomach is a bad idea (we learned that one in the move of 2014). Don’t expect to eat a meal the first night (okay, nights) in your new home, and don’t plan to know where any of your kitchen necessities are (there are likely at least seven boxes labeled “kitchen” that could qualify). Plan to have portable snacks: granola bars, bags of pretzels/chips, bananas, etc. to keep your belly happy until you can make it through the drive through of Taco Bell for your fancy “Yay our new house!” dinner celebration.
  4. A tool kit and scissors
    Why scissors aren’t included in a toolkit, I really don’t know, but that packing tape is stronger than you think, and after trying to open your fifteenth box and having it ravel and wrap around you, you’ll thank me for this one.
  5. Chargers
    Let’s just go ahead and admit we’re technology dependent, and be okay with it. iPad, iPhone, android phone, windows phone (are those even still around?), TV, computer, gaming station, camera charger, tablet, adding machine, random charger you might need for some piece of technology you may have; you get the idea. Pack it – you won’t regret it.

But if you do forget one or all of these items, or you’re sitting at home now realizing you’ve already packed it, know that you’re living in a friendly neighborhood now, and there isn’t a better way to meet your neighbors than asking to borrow a roll of toilet paper – trust me, they’ll totally understand!