As Silverthorne’s 2nd home in Prairie Ridge-north, we definitely encountered our fair share of hiccups, and they came at us one after another in the beginning. Engineering, permitting, and eventually weather… Even our choice of home model had to be scrapped. But, after speaking with the owner, Jim, we were slowly, but surely, back on track. We’re currently 9 months into ownership of our new home, and while I’d be lying if I said “we couldn’t be happier,” we’re definitely satisfied with the outcome. Silverthorne definitely strives for what you want. Their people do the same. We appreciated the office folks’ response to their “online portal” being fast, or the onsite folks explaining something in detail during a site visit. To be honest, a few more scheduled site visits during the process would’ve been ideal. 5 months of build time, roughly, right smack-dab on budget,….but we had a few loose ends. What semi-custom house wouldn’t? Their post-close warranty team addressed everything. In the end, we love our house. 9ft ceilings…tall trim, rounded drywall corners, wood floors, fireplace… all standard included options, and I could go on. It’s that much more that we love, and visitors constantly comment on. Thanks Jim and the Silverthorne team!