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You’ve signed the contract and are eager and excited to get started building your home – this is one of the most exciting times of your life! But what can you expect next? How will you know that things are happening, even if it looks like nothing is? One way we are different than other builders is by utilizing the latest technology to stay in contact with homeowners and make sure the lines of communication stay open and clear. We do this with our online portal, where you will be able to make selections, ask questions, keep track of your budget, and follow the progress of your home.

Picture of a custom kitchen with testimonial overlay stating: "The online portal made it easy to make our selections on our time at our pace with no sales pressure." - Mark V.


The homebuilding process is grouped into three phases:

  1. Behind the scenes office work
  2. Outside construction
  3. Interior construction

Each of these phases has many components within them that come together to create your new home. Some of these phases feel like they are moving at warp speed and some may feel like they are taking forever. We are just excited as you are during the home building process and want to make sure you not only get a home that looks just the way you want it but also fulfills our values and commitments.

Behind the Scenes

The first month of building your new home may seem a bit static from the outside view, but there is a lot happening behind the scenes to get your home started.
Our office staff is working behind the scenes to update any drawings with the customizations you have selected to the structure, get any changes approved by our engineers, and apply for and receive the permit to start construction. Once the construction escrows are setup, insurance is in place, elevations and grade are set and site preparation is complete, it’s time for dig day!


Once the hole is dug, the concrete foundation is poured to create your basement floor.
Sometimes, the weather can be tricky at this point, and it is so important to have a solid foundation, so we won’t take any chances if there is a possibility for anything that may hinder the structural integrity of your home. Our concrete company has a few tricks to work with the weather and can set up a massive conveyor belt to get the job done and keep your home on schedule.

Backhoe about to dig a hole in ground

Now is time for some fun – the structure goes up and your pile of dirt is starting to become the vision you had in your head when you first started.
During this time you’ll see our carpenters building and securing walls, and the boom crane that helps put the roof on your home!

After the structure is in place, we keep your home safe by turning it green – literally.
We use a ZIP system to keep your home dry while it’s built and create an air barrier to seal your walls once it’s finished. Once it’s wrapped up snug and tight, the exterior finishes are added. Exterior doors, windows, the roof, and siding are all put into place. At this point, your house is really starting to look like a home from the outside!


Walking inside at this point you’ll see a bunch of exposed beams and framing, but it won’t be long until the inside of your home is filled with the laughter and memories of your friends and family!

The first step inside is to fill the walls with insulation and cover them up with drywall.
Primer paint goes onto the walls and ceiling, making this the first step to transforming the inside into livable space.

At this point, hardwood and tile will be installed.
The carpet comes along later because tile and hardwood are much easier to clean if paint drips or as dust from installing interior selections.

Interior installations – cabinets, millwork, trim, countertops, light fixtures, kitchen appliances – all get put into place!
Creating depth and life in your home as your custom woodwork additions, granite and light selections are added to your home. During this phase, your house truly becomes your home! With all of the personalizations and selections available, you really start to see your home take shape.


Your home is now ready for its final cleaning and pre-closing walkthrough.
With only a short time away from moving into your new place, you’ll be able to walk through your home and enjoy the finished piece you have waited so anxiously to see!