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Where do you build?

We currently build in Illinois and Iowa. In Illinois we have lots in two Sycamore neighborhoods – North Grove Crossings and Sycamore Creek;  Oak Creek – Genoa, IL, and Prairie Ridge – Hampshire, IL. In Iowa, we are developing the Timber’s Edge – Leclaire, IA community and have built in Public Square – Leclaire, IA, and Haley Heights, Bettendorf, IA. We also recognize that some potential customers have a location already in mind, which is why we will build your home on your lot! If you are interested in building on your lot, we are happy to meet with you to discuss pricing, and find a plan that will fit your lot and meet your needs.

Why should I choose Silverthorne Homebuilders?

We pride ourselves on our core values of strong relationships, high integrity, and exceptional performance. We have grown mostly due to word-of-mouth referrals, and many prior homeowners have shared their experience on our testimonials page. We strive to meet your needs and build your home, your way. We work with you every step of the way, monitoring each project closely to run an efficient schedule with responsible purchasing. We believe in transparent and efficient communication, which is achieved through our customer portal. When you build with Silverthorne, you get more – more features, more quality, more of what you want.

Why should I build instead of buying an existing home?

Buying new makes sense for more reasons than just getting the home that you want! Building grants you access to the most recent home technology and efficiency tests to provide an efficient home, which means lower utility bills and a longer home life.

Do I need a real estate agent to buy from Silverthorne Homebuilders?

You are not required to have a real estate agent but are welcome to visit one of our available homes or stop by our model home with your real estate agent. We also have friendly sales professionals who are trained to work with you to hear your needs and help match what you are looking for with our communities and floor plans. You can contact us to schedule an appointment or get more information about building a new home with us.

How long does it take to build?

Generally, we estimate 4-6 months to build a new home, but many factors come into play during the process. Weather, selections, and approvals all add to the time a house takes to complete. You can read more about the process after you sign your contract in our three-part series, “What’s next after signing the contract?” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Once you are loaded into the customer portal, you will get real-time access to your building schedule, selections, expenses and a question and answer forum to help eliminate any time that could be lost waiting for an answer.

Do you have any homes available immediately?

We try to maintain a few spec homes that will be available throughout the year, these can be found on our Available Homes page. However, these homes tend to go quickly so it’s always a good idea to contact us to coordinate your move-in date.

I already have a floor plan; can you build it?

We have built many custom homes and often build our floor plans on custom lots. We are happy to look at the floor plan and location you want to build and help make your dream house come to life! Contact us to get started.

Can we make changes to the floor plans?

We have a selection of floor plans that range in space, style, and layout. We can make changes, within reason, to these homes, however, this may prompt additional cost or add time to the building process due to approvals to a new floor plan. Our goal is always to deliver a quality home that meets your needs and requirements of the community where the home is being built.

How do we make selections?

We have an exclusive custom portal that allows you to view and make selections when it’s convenient to you! We have many tile, cabinet, granite and other samples at our model. If you can’t find something you like from our selections, we will work with you to make sure you find something that fits your design style.

Can I visit my home during construction?

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to walkthrough your house, however, you are not permitted to visit your house without a member of the building team. This is written into your contract to help keep you and our contractors safe throughout the building process. We work diligently to keep the job site clear of any potential hazards, but stray materials, sharp edges and unclear paths could lead to injuries or difficulty accessing your home. If you are interested in visiting your house outside of one of the visits on the timeline, you can contact us and we will do our best to coordinate with you.