Meet the Team


Jim Work, President of Silverthorne Homebuilders

Jim Work

Meet Jim, the owner and founder of Silverthorne Homes. With years of experience working for larger builders and the knowledge of the local areas we serve, he has built Silverthorne to offer the best, most enjoyable experience for all Silverthorne Customers. Building an experience that allows the Customers to design a home custom to their lifestyle with a cost-effective and personalized approach that makes the home building process a breeze. With the same “Work Hard, Play Hard” attitude that the rest of the Silverthorne Team has; Jim spends his time away from work with his family, working on one of his 50,000 vehicles (okay, we’re exaggerating, but seriously he has a hobby car problem), or high in the skies, as we recently received his pilots license. Whether it’s about building and construction or planes and automobiles, you’ll be sure to have some great conversations with Jim.

Logan Way, Assistant Construction Project Manager, standing next to a garage

Logan Way

If you are lucky enough to have Logan as your Super you won’t be disappointed. Ambitious to get started on his career path, Logan graduated a year early as a Junior in high school. Handling all functions of the construction process, Logan demonstrates Silverthorne’s value of your new home are properly completed and up to standards. If he’s not on the job site, with his partner in crime, Roscoe (Silverthorne’s Mascot), you can find Logan in the gym. However, don’t let the “healthy” lifestyle fool you, after the gym he will probably fight you if you even think about touching is pineapple and AMERICAN bacon pizza, so don’t even think about it.

Katie Gilbert

Katie or the office Mom, Manager, Boss Lady, whichever you prefer, oversees the daily operations of the office and handles most of the accounting and financial aspects of the business; meaning she tells us “No you can’t buy that!”. With years of experience in the construction industry, Katie offers plenty of knowledge and understanding of the day to day operations of Silverthorne. When she’s not working in office…well she’s practically always in office so we’re not quite sure what she does in her off time (we even think she sleeps at the office sometimes, it’s like she never leaves). We’re only kidding, kind of, Katie is extremely dedicated to Silverthorne and the customers we serve, but she is just as dedicated to her two children. After chauffeuring her kids around to various after school activities or sports, you may find her relaxing with a glass of wine planning for her next busy day.

Mindy Salas

Mindy is our Grand Maester to the Online Customer Portal and the Master of Purchasing, making sure we get the best price of material for your dream home. If you haven’t caught on to the Game of Thrones references, then we’re not sure if you and Mindy can be friends. We’re just kidding, Mindy will gladly help you navigate through the process of building your dream home through the portal, which is one of her favorite responsibilities. When she’s not working she could be caught watching Game of Thrones or any true crime show. With the family atmosphere that Silverthorne offers, she enjoys the ability to take the time when needed to spend with her own family maybe even going on a spontaneous road trip.

Jim DuLaney

Coming from Northern Illinois University, Jim brings a passion for building customers their dream homes along with a passion for the outdoors.  The excitement of see the individual choice each client makes and the end result is what keeps Jim coming back day to day. That and the fact that he is a soon to be new dad patiently waiting his baby girl to make her grand entrance into the world. When working with Jim he is sure to help you find the best floorpan to suit your family needs, with a couple of “really good” dad jokes thrown in throughout the process (it’s okay you don’t have to pretend he is funny). Whether your chatting about your new Silverthorne Home, anything to do with the outdoors like grilling, hunting, fishing or giving him the best parenting advice you can give him for a new dad, Jim is always excited to talk to each and every one of his clients.

Chris Vieau

With over 35 years of experience in building dream homes, Chris specializes in the Silverthorne customers who take advantage of our “On Your Lot” opportunities in Illinois. With two kids and a beautiful wife, he understands the importance of making sure your new home fits your families wants, but more importantly, your families needs. Not only does Chris enjoy the home building process, there is a good chance he will show you up on the green. Chris enjoys getting a few golf swings in here or there, almost as much as he enjoys coaching a local Ultimate Frisbee team. It is safe to say with Chris’s dedication to his work and home life, he follows the “work hard, play hard” mantra to a T.

Noel Sanders

Noel has a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin -Platteville. He brings great experience gained while going to school and working as a drywall laborer/estimator and then as an Estimator/Project coordinator at Titan Electric. He has always been fascinated by the residential homebuilding process and joined our team to live out his dream of building homes for residential customers and focuses on homes in the Quad Cities.

Kati Tunget

Kati is our Marketing Coordinator and completed her degree of Bachelor in Arts from Western Illinois University. Kati handles all aspects of the marketing and social media world within Silverthorne. She values the “work hard, play hard” mentality, often we find her working at 4am just to get the job done. However, bring a dog into the office and you’ll never see her or your dog again, at least for a few hours. The same can be said about wine….we’re working on that one!

Kelly Romstedt

Meet Kelly, our Warranty Specialist, with over 16 years of Customer Service experience and a “can-do” attitude, she will assist you in any and all warranty related matters. As a mother of three, a 4-year old and 2-year old twins, Kelly helps keep our boys inline while efficiently getting your warranty work done. With a love of the vintage decor, anything Chip and Joanna, and even “tiny homes”, Kelly is also a good creative eye to call on when we need help with staging and design.

Josh Basar

With over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential service and remodeling work, our Warranty Technician, Josh will be your main man once your house is completed. Ensuring all our standards are up to par 30 days, 6 months, and up to a year after the construction process has stopped. As a father of four, honesty and open communication are the most important traits to Josh, which is why making your warranty claims high priority and never pushing them aside is on the top of his list. Although Josh enjoys his day to day and helping our Silverthorne customers, given the opportunity he would easily jump at playing “HOOKy” to fish all day (see what we did there, “HOOK-y”).

Roscoe Way

R-O-S-C-O-E Mr. Silverthorne mascot showing up on your job sites, making sure everyone is staying on track. Roscoe a young Australian Shepard, comes to us with over 1,000 puppy kisses and hundreds of miles exploring different Silverthorne job sites. With an in depth knowledge of the best hydrants and local smells, Roscoe knows just where to take you on your next walk. Keep an eye out for Roscoe’s new adventure, “Roscoe Cam” coming soon.

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