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We always ask for customer feedback, during and after our customers have moved into their homes. No one is perfect, and we’re always striving for continuous improvement. We earlier this year quietly rolled out a new tool to help our customers through the process. For people who have built a new home before, you know that there are many decisions to be made, colors to be picked out and it can be a little stressful. We have always prided ourselves on being technology savvy and used email, text messages and scheduling tools to update our customers along the way. However, the our new online customer portal takes that commitment to technology to the next level.

Here’s a quote from one of our customers: (when we first had the idea of such a portal)

“I think it (the portal) would be very helpful!  It would be nice to have a calculated budget and be able to know what selections need to be done next.  You would have one go to person who would have to make some confirmations on items, instead of dealing with the one supplier and then with you guys. I think the most overwhelming part for us was trying to keep track of the budget and the add ons that we paid for and what still needed to be addressed.  It would also be helpful to know what will be built next, especially towards the end. No matter what system you do, you are always going to have the extra phone calls and texts.  It is a big purchase and knowing that you don’t have total control of what is going on can cause a little stress.”


This particular customer nailed it. If you’ve built a house before, you know what to expect to some extent. However, we feel we can impress you with the level of organization that our new system brings to the homebuilding process. No need to keep that giant binder of brochures, printouts, quotes, ideas and emails from us. If you haven’t built a home before, as our customer above said, things can get a little stressful IF you don’t know what’s going on and what needs to be picked out next. Because of valued feedback from our customers, we have heavily invested in this amazing piece of technology. You can download a smartphone app for your iPhone, Android or other device. You can put it on your iPad, you can look at it at work or while in the aisles of Lowes late at night when you see a piece of tile you just have to have.

Online Customer Portal Video

Online Customer Portal Video

We are very proud to say we are one of the only builders in the Chicagoland area using a tool like this and you can watch a video to the right about the portal, as well as take a look at the attached PDF which explains a couple of the highlights of our portal. Just another one of the ways you GET MORE with Silverthorne Homes.

Online Portal Handout