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We recently announced new farmhouse elevations for two of our existing models and a third new modern farmhouse floor plan. Check out the new elevations for the popular Bettendorf and new Westwood plans. While these floor plans are a great start to the farmhouse feel, a modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style.

Like any house, functionality and practical use is just as important as the style and finishes selected. When you think of farm life, it’s no surprise that practicality is a priority in a home design. The open floor plan considers details like the flow of the room, the lighting, and the furniture arrangement. This also allows the mixed textile furniture and other decor elements you add to your completed home work together to create a rustic, welcoming, cozy farmhouse feel.

Kitchen and living space with dark engineered hardwood

Rustic Lighting
Lighting in any home is like the jewelry you add to make an outfit complete. It can dress up a house or tone it down. It can take a design in a totally different direction by simply adding a focal fixture. In a farmhouse, the unique characteristic of rustic light fixtures distinguish a space and bring it to life. When going for a farmhouse chic vibe, lighting that incorporates glass or crystal combined with a dark iron contrast spruce up the space. Rustic elegance is tied into each lighting fixture to tie the home together.

Exterior Features and Neutral Colors
This style is known for its natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel. While cream is still the color of choice, paired with neutrals, bright, bold hues can also be used. This contrast is often seen on the outside of the house where white siding with sleek black windows line the exterior. Some of these homes even add metal roofs and beautiful porches with welcoming entry spaces start the farmhouse feel from the curb.

Rustic Finishes
The farmhouse chic feel comes from incorporating rustic elements into modern and traditional pieces. A key to achieving the look is using natural materials such as wood, stone, and shiplap. Using actual farm pieces such as barn doors give the home a unique charm. Accessories with a worn finish can add the finishing touches as you decorate the inside of your new home.

Whether its authentically old and worn or a faux finish, a little age adds so much character. There are so many ways to create these looks in any of the floor plans we offer, so take your pick and we’ll do the rest!