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Happy Holidays everyone! To show our appreciation for our customers instead of junking of your mailbox with some corny pre-printed gold plated Christmas card from Silverthorne Homes, we have elected to make a donation to help some folks who don’t have the luxuries many of us have.


We’ve joined with one of our vendors, Co-Construct, to match their contribution to the www.mycharitywater.org website. This charity works to build wells in areas of the world where people don’t even have access to clean drinking water, let alone the plumbing and sanitation that we all take for granted in our homes. Believe it or not, over 800 million people on the planet have to walk five miles to fetch water. Imagine trying to brush your teeth in the morning there…. Many of the people we and our partner are helping will never have the chance to build a custom home; and receiving the gift of a well in their town might be similar to your building the home of your dreams.

What is particularly interesting to me about this charity is that every dollar invested in building a well (or other sanitation and water supply projects) will generally show a return of $4-$12 for the local economy. (source) Many people have charities they support and prefer to support, but from a business perspective it’s great to hear that donated funds are being wisely invested and leveraging these local economies to deliver more than just water, but opportunities from something as simple as water.

Check out www.mycharitywater.org to make a donation or purchase holiday gifts which further sponsor their efforts! It takes $10,000 to build a well. So, if you have someone who already has everything, or your company wants to nix the lame Dirty Santa gifts this year, consider joining the Co-construct family of builders and their homeowners by donating to reach the goal to bring life-changing water to a community in need.

Thanks for taking a minute to read this; have a safe and happy holiday season with your family!