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 One of the more interesting aspects of selling real estate as well as planning interior design is the choice of wall-color inside a room. Each year, Benjamin Moore chooses a Color of the Year from their elegant palette and here is this year’s winner: Lemon Sorbet 

If you have ever tried to choose the best shade of yellow, you will soon realize that less is more when it comes to this choice. We have all been through homes where someone chooses a bumble bee wall that might be a bit overpowering. Actually, most tones of sunshine tend to be one of the more challenging colors for homeowners to accurately select. Here is one reason why:

As with any wall-color choice, the lighting of the room makes a difference when it comes to determining the desired tone and effect.  When light streams through a window, it often creates an unintended brightness which can be overwhelming. The same is true if there is not enough light and can make a color look rather drab. It makes sense, right?

Take a look here at Benjamin Moore’s website for more of 2013’s color trends.