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One question we get often is if we can build in the winter months, and the easy answer is, of course, YES!

In fact, last winter our local paper, The Daily Chronicle, featured Silverthorne Home Builders in an article regarding new home construction in the winter months. While the stats in the article are now outdated, it still hits on a major misconception….that we can only build homes when the weather is warm and cooperative. And while there is no denying that certainly makes our jobs a bit easier (and makes for some happier trades!), building in the winter is not a new concept.

winter build

Our process doesn’t change much, beside the fact that things as a whole may move a bit slower than normal (especially true with last winter’s Polar Vortex craziness!). We can dig, for instance, but will wait to pour concrete until the temperature is adequate. Landscaping, driveways and sidewalks will wait until Spring, not only so we can ensure the health of new plants, but also to wait for the opening of the asphalt factory.

The second question we get in regards to building in the winter is if it changes the integrity of the home at all. Snow, while not fun to dig out from a home site, won’t be any more harmful to your home than the occassional rainy day in the summer. Lumber, for instance, arrives at the job site with a moisture content of 19%. If you’re building in a particularly rainy spring, we test the framing pre-drywall to ensure that the moisture content is acceptable. The same concept goes for the winter, where we will have to monitor for a particularly low moisture content due to the dry winter air. Heaters will be brought into a framed home to warm the lumber and keep frost at bay.

So, as we approach spring, don’t hesitate to look at new construction. It’s a common misconception that we can’t start building until spring or summer! After all….is there anything better than spending the summer in your beautiful new backyard?