At Silverthorne we recognize the ever growing want of people of all ages and families of all sizes, wanting to build a new home that suits their lifestyle but not spend a fortune. That’s why we introduce; Elevated by Silverthorne: Modern Living, Made Simple. 

Elevated by Silverthorne is a selection of beautifully elevated homes, with the same quality and craftsmanship of Silverthorne Homes at an amazingly affordable price. Beautifully Elevated? What the heck does that even mean? Well it simply means we took the hard parts of building a custom home out by making the hundreds of design decisions for you!

At Elevated we want you to enjoy the home buying experience as well as the aftermath. Why put all your money towards a mortgage, when you could be traveling? Why stress about building your new home, when you’re suppose to be excited about the process! Don’t settle for renting the rest of your life or living in a small cramped condo, and definitely don’t settle in  what was someone else’s dream home 30 years ago. Don’t fall patron to the dreaded “house shame”, get excited to show off where you lay your head at night!

The ability to OWN your own NEW construction home is closer than you think and much more affordable too. Don’t be ashamed of where you live; invite your friends and family over for a Moscow Mule or five in your new Silverthorne Elevated Home.

With over 20+ Exterior color combinations and roughly 15 Interior design combinations for each floorplan, which also offers two elevations per plan, you will be able to easily choose your new home and fully understand how it will look, before you even sign the contract. No more stressing about the cabinets matching the counter which matches the flooring, no more worrying about missing design selection deadlines, at Elevated we have done all the work for you. So come on over, take a tour on our website and start dreaming up your new Elevated Home

You can visit us at: www.elevatedbysilverthorne.com

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