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Your entryway or foyer is a chance to make a stunning first impression; it’s the welcoming committee for the rest of your home, and provides an opportunity to reflect your personality to your guests. Here are some simple ways to add your personal touch and make you feel comfortable as you walk in the door.

Start with lighting
If access to natural light is sparse , add in a stunning hanging fixture; a table or floor lamp can also be a great solution and another way to bring in your personality. Lighting is like the jewelry for your home – the accessory that amplifies the outfit. It can be the focal point, or draw the viewers attention to a statement piece of art.

Add functional decor with statement pieces
while decor such as artwork can create a big statement in a small space, mirrors can help make a small entry space space look larger.  It also provides a final glance as you walk out the door, but it will also make the space feel much larger. Rugs are another practical way to pull in a bold color in any sized space, and is perfect when guests come walking in on a rainy day.

Foyer with orange rug and decor

Mix seating and surfaces
Scale the furniture appropriately and include functional pieces like a table to provide a place to store keys or other items you need as you walk out the door. A bench or seat allows guests to sit when taking their shoes off or putting them back on and creates a homey, comfortable feeling.  For a smaller space, consider tucking a stool under a table or setting one in a corner. For larger foyers, like in The Craftsman or The Greene, add in multiple pieces of furniture to help make the space feel cozy and full.

Weaving your home’s style into the space to let guests know what they are walking into. Of course the decor of a home is not the answer to good hospitality, that comes from the hearts of those who are within, but a welcoming entryway can showcase your hospitality and set the tone for an inviting and comfortable gathering