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A finished basement can add value, space and personalization to your home, but the finishing touches of a basement don’t always follow the same principles of design as other areas in the house. Once you’ve decided to finish your basement, it can feel like another blank space with endless opportunities. Remember, you don’t have to finish the entire space, and often it’s better to just select a portion – after all, the main benefit to having a basement is the added storage. See how we created a custom basement in this stunning custom home.

Unless you have a walk-out or look-out basement, natural light is in short supply, so the trendy gray that may look amazing in the upper levels of your house, could create a cold and gloomy living space. A light, warm color, like a soft brown, can help warm up the space and make it feel more open.

Finished basement with leather couches


Another thing to consider is the ceiling height; building code requires a seven-foot ceiling in the basement, but once you add in the finishes of flooring and ceiling, you’ll lose a few inches of head room. So while some builders stick to the minimum requirements, we know that nine-foot ceilings make all the difference in creating a spacious, comfortable home and is why nine-foot ceilings are our standard.

Finished basement with bar


Carpeting is another way to make your finished basement feel warm and homey, and it’s durable in a space where added moisture risks and cement floors make it challenging and not practical for hardwood. Tile is another great solution for the space, and adding colorful area rugs can pull in added warmth and make the space feel cozy.

A basement is a great space for both adults and children; it provides a cool relaxing place on hot summer days, and a nice retreat on snowy nights. Finishing a basement provides your family more living space, adds value to your home, and is a chance for you to get your wife the skeeball machine she’s always wanted.

Basement with a skeeball machine