We know this process can be stressful and you will have plenty of questions.
However. were here to answer those questions.


How much will it cost me?
Building a home on your own land can be a complex process with a lot of variables. While there are many builders who can build you a home who may even “bid” or price your home lower than other builders. At Silverthorne Homes, our dedicated land specialist will evaluate your site during the preconstruction process and eliminate surprise charges and expenses. When you sign a contract with us to build your dream home, we will be able to tell you the cost of that home without unexpected surprises or charges. 
How do I know you can build on my lot?
Building a home on your own land can be a complex process with a lot of variables. While there are many builders who can You probably don’t. You probably don’t want to guess about that either and invest tens of thouands of dollars just to find out that the soils aren’t suitable or that a small low lying area is classified as wetlands. Maybe water cannot be brought all the way to the site without a costly water main extension costing $70,000. These are all real world examples that our dedicated land specialist will be able to investigate for you. If you’ve got a piece of land, as part of our proven process we will perform the same level of due diligence that we perform when we buy 30 acres to develop into homesites. You wouldn’t hire a podiatrist to operate on your heart, so why wouldn’t you hire a land specialist to ascertain if you can build on your lot (or a lot we find together).
Will I get updates throughout the build?
Absoutely, because we are an experienced builder with proven processes and procedures you will get weekly photo updates and messages in our exclusive customer portal. If you’ve had a long day at work and you need to take your kids to baseball practice and dance class, by the time you get home for the evening you’ll be able to logon and. see. updates via a smartphone, tablet or PC at any time from your project manager. 


Do you handle all the permits?
Yes, our experienced project managers and land specialists will obtain all of the permits for your home. Often we get offers to help from homeowners, but the permitting. process is a complex process that many times requires multiple revisions, engineering, various reports and code references. The only thing that we do not do is re-zone land,  as you will want to find land that is already appropriately zoned for your new home.  Our land specialist can help you determine that. 


Can you build from my own plans?
We could, but we learned a long time ago that we deliver the best customer experience, the best value and happy homeowners when we build one of our many plans. What we have also found is that many customers visit one of our model homes and fall in love with one our plans even though they were emphatic that they wanted to build a plan they found online. We also employ designers on staff so we can make structural modifications and options that many builders don’t offer. So basically you can start with one of our popular floorplans that other families have loved and then customize it with your new home specialist to fit your family’s needs. Often times, plans designed and advertised online are not designed with local codes and methods incorporated so it can be much more costly to build those plans when compared to a similar sized home in our portfolio of plans. If that’s absolutely the route you want to go, we understand and maybe we’re not the builder for you. No worries! 
Can I use my brother who is an electrician/carpenter/tile setter?
Many of us in the construction industry “Know a guy” and while we get offers from homeowners all the tiime we have found over time that you don’t really save much money in the end and it makes for unhappy customers in the end. We want you to be happy with your home and with your experience with Silverthorne Homes. For that reason, we employ trusted trades that have met our standards and know how to work within our system. Some trades, while they might perform excellent work don’t know how our system operates and can throw a real wrench into the construction of your home. 


I like one of your plans, but can I make changes to it?
Absolutely! We employ in house drafters who make changes to every home we build. Our new home specialist can help guide you through the options and customizations. We don’t limit our options to only certain modificaiotns or structural changes. If you can dream it, we will build it for you. With that said, one of our core values at Silverthorne is authenticity and so our sales people will tell you when something is unacheivable or not recommended. Together, we can design a custom house that will meet the needs of your family both now and in the future. We also offer our express custom home program, for customers who don’t need or want a lot of modificaitons who just fall in love with one our plans the way they are. In this case, because you’ve saved us some time in the back office, we will give you a special incentive towards your new home if you choose to go with one of our floorplans without major modifications. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 


What's included in the price?
Everything. There are a lot of variables. Our total investment sheet that you would complete with a new home specialist is over 60 lines and there are many items that we investigate and verify that make up each of those 60 lines. Before you sign a contract to build your new dream home, we will give you a total investment price for your home that is a guaranteed fixed price. Some pickup truck builders who don’t have such a refined process will tell you one number and you’ll end up paying another number as you uncover their pricing mistakes along the way. Do you really want to give up those quartz countertops to pay for the lumber your “builder” couldn’t estimate correctly? Those sure are some pretty studs…



Are basements included?
Yes! All of our plans include a full 9ft deep pour basement with rough in plumbing for a future bathroom. I guess you could say it’s a Midwest thing, but we want to make sure that if you ever need more space, a man cave, in-law suite, home office, home theater or home office, you’ll have a basement that is ready to finish. We also offer finished basements as an option on all of our plans, which can also be customized throughout the design process with your new home specialist!
Can I finance the land in my construction loan?
You can, but financing the construction process can be relatively complex. Luckily we have partnered with a number of experienced construction lenders who can provide you with a construction loan or a one time close mortgage where your construction loan rolls right into a 30 year mortgage without extra fees and closing costs. If you’re interested in learning more about financing, register for one of our exclusive on your lot buyer seminars (link to seminar page?) and we will cover that topic in depth for free. Even if you don’t choose to build with us, we’ll educate you for free on the whole process, what to look for in the process and how to finance the build.
Do I have to go through your lender?
You don’t have to, but we have found that using an experienced construction lender eases the stress on our customers. Some mortgage brokers claim to offer construction loans, but if they don’t understand the process well they can derail construction and lead to major cost overruns and extra fees, closing costs and insurance just because theyr’e trying their hand at something they’re not very experienced with. We can connect you with multiple lenders who we know will take care of you throughout the process the same way we would take care of you like our own family. If you’re fortunate enough to be paying for your new home in cash, you don’t need to use a lender. We have options to secure and literally insure that your funds are protected from all those stories you’ve seen on the evening news about unscrupulous contractors!




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