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Lighting is like jewelry for a house; it can make a room formal or casual, it can stand out or be subtle, it can vary room to room, be the main focus, or accent a favorite feature. But how do you begin, when every room could need a different fixture and the options seem endless? Be inspired by some of our current homeowners, and keep in mind these tips for making a selection that is right for you.

Don’t overlook smaller spaces

A foyer or entryway is the first impression of your home’s interior, setting the tone for each guest who enters your home. A hanging chandelier that accents your style can be a simple way to make the space your own, but if your vision is to make a statement with a piece of artwork or furniture, use a ceiling mount fixture that matches the color of the door handles in your home. This type of fixture will allow for a feel of natural transition, and provide functional lighting without taking away from your main piece.

Bathrooms are usually equipped with a standard wall fixture hung facing down, but a simple turn of the light will make the bathroom feel more luxurious. To make the bathroom feel even more like your favorite spa, consider adding a chandelier above each sink or sconces on each side of the mirror.

The right fixture in your bedroom can set the ambiance for a night of relaxing sleep. A ceiling fan and light combination fixture allows for a comfortable temperature during those summer nights where the fresh air breezes through the windows. Additional recessed lighting in a large room allows consideration for functionality, but doesn’t take away from the fixture you fell in love with for the space.

Know your fixtures

Chandeliers make a statement, like the diamond necklace that catches your eye in the jewelry store window, these pieces draw you into the room. Whether you choose a traditional style dripping with gemstones or a wrought-iron fixture with Edison light bulbs, illuminating a space with the perfect chandelier will add a radiant finish on any room.

Ceiling mount fixtures are a subtle statement, and a great way to tie decorative pieces together, but since these are close to the ceiling (therefore less noticeable) the main décor will stand out. Ceiling mount fixtures vary in complexity and can add the extra “something” you are looking for in a space.

Recessed lighting (can lights) give off a clean-lined contemporary look. While it may seem that these lights are strictly for function, they also offer a clean design which allows your favorite piece of art to be well lit, without the distraction of a bulky fixture. It’s a great way to add lighting to a room with a coffer ceiling, as featured in The Williamson, because it highlights the details without taking away from the extra feature.

Sconces are great for lining the stairs to a basement, or next to a bathroom mirror to add extra lighting. The shade on the light can adjust the viewpoint of the observer, which also make these a great accent to your favorite art piece hanging on the wall.

Pendant lights hang at eye-level which means, much like the chandelier, they will draw you in at a glance. Pendants are functional over a kitchen workspace for additional lighting during food preparation, but can also add a pop of color to break up the open space of floor plans or accentuate a bar top.

Consider the space and visualize the end result

Consider thinking of the whole room and what you want it to look like when you’re finished; don’t be afraid to design a room around a fixture you can’t stop thinking about, every room needs a focal point. While there are traditional spaces for adding light fixtures, like a chandelier in the dining room of The Cunningham, many homeowners are now finding ways to incorporate their style throughout other rooms using charming fixtures as a way to bring their home together.

Whichever fixture you choose, whichever room you are decorating, make sure the selections you make are what you like; don’t let others sway your opinions, and remember that your first reaction is usually your honest reaction. After all, you are building your forever home!