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There are many different flooring options to choose from when building your new home, and picking something that is functional, affordable, and stylish can be a daunting task. There are many materials to choose from, and once you select a material there are even more options to go along with it! So how do you decide what type of flooring is best for a room? Consider a few of these ideas to help as you’re making these selections

In a kitchen, durability and ease of cleaning are two key items to consider when picking your flooring. While we generally see a continuation of the hardwood selected for the living spaces, some people choose to have ceramic tile. Both of these options are easy to maintain and available in a variety of different styles. The benefit to ceramic tile is the superior durability as it can resist most dents and scratches. However, hardwood can be just as great of a selection for a kitchen because it can add a homey-feel to the area, and in a space where everyone gathers, hardwood does a great job coping with the high traffic and adding a personalized touch to your home.

Picking flooring for living spaces can be tricky because the needs of each room can vary from family to family. When thinking of your living space, consider the activities that will take place in that room. For example, a basement where people gather to hang out, eat snacks, and play games, could benefit from a sturdier carpet, such as berber. This carpet is more durable than other carpeting due to its structure and is slightly easier to clean when the inevitable accidental spill happens.

Bathrooms on another hand, see a lot of moisture, so we recommend staying away from hardwood and carpet and selecting an elegant tile that will help pull your spa-like bathroom altogether. With many tile options to choose from, this flooring choice not only looks great but is also easy to clean.

Bedrooms are often designed with carpet because of its comfort and warmth. We have seen some families choose to extend their hardwood option into the bedrooms and add that comfort and warmth with an area rug. When deciding between the two options, you can consider what will take place in the room. For example, if you have children who enjoy playing on the floor in their room consider if playing on carpet would be more comfortable or if you’d like the ease of cleaning up that spilled juice cup with hardwood floors.

As you are considering each type of flooring for your room, remember that this is truly a personal preference based on the needs of your family. Enjoy browsing through the available selections in our customer portal and choose something that both catches your eye and meets your functional needs.