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With the recent announcement of the completed Castleberry in the Haley Heights subdivision of Bettendorf, Iowa, we have heard a lot of great feedback on the lockers that are installed in the mudroom. These mudroom lockers have become quite popular across all floor plans and many homeowners have found unique ways to use them to add their own touch to their space.
We find that a locker system in the mudroom or garage entryway is a simple way to organize the chaos that is often found in a location where people come and go with shoes, books, papers, mail, backpacks, work bags, etc. Depending on the space, and then bench you select, you could add in seating for putting shoes on and storage for putting shoes away, cubbies to stash laundry supplies and wall organizers for mail and other miscellaneous items you need to remember to grab as you run out the door in the morning.

Whatever direction you choose to go, think about the needs you are trying to meet with the locker and then check out some of the selections that have been made in the past to add stylish organization to a high-traffic location.


Adding a personalized locker is just one more way to combine elegance with usefulness. We’ve talked before about creating an inviting foyer, so extend that invitation to the mudroom where you can leave the door open and show off your space, and possibly reclaim some of your sanity through a little organization!