Today’s world offers more options than ever in your daily life, even in the housing market. Many people believe they cannot afford a brand new construction home over a used house. However, it is actually easier than ever and potentially the better option of the two, not only for the options and upgrades but for overall cost savings.

As you begin your search for a “new” home, you’ll begin to see multiple options; brand new communities still under construction, where you can choose your floorplan, your homesite and all your design options. Then you’ll see more established neighborhoods with houses built years ago, with used houses for sale or if you’re lucky a few available homesites left to build your new dream home. 

Either way, there are many factors to take into account when choosing your new, new home or your new, used house:

Design, Design, Design

First and foremost, it goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway, new homes all YOU to choose a floorplan that works for YOU and YOUR family, not someone else’s family. Why live in a house where the walls are pink, with floral wallpaper in the hall bathroom, used and soiled blue carpeting throughout the bedrooms, when you could build a home to fit your lifestyle? Although you can always redecorate, that means more unexpected $$$ later on down the line and more often than not, those projects are always put aside for another day, that never truly comes, then you’re stuck in a home designed for someone else.

What’s in there? Storage is key! 

Again, designed to fit your style, wants and needs, new homes offer more than used houses. Used houses definitely offer great options, but do they offer that walk-in closet you want or what about a walk-in pantry for your kitchen storage needs? Does that used house give you that man cave in a full basement you have always dreamed of? And we can almost guarantee that used house doesn’t have a standard 3-car garage offered for all your “big boy toys”.

It’s effective to be energy efficient.

New homes often feature more improved energy efficiency over used houses due to improved insulation processes, as well as improved heating and cooling systems. Even more so, with new homes, especially if you decide to custom build, you would have the option for upgraded features like low-e windows, water saving shower-heads, faucets and washers. Buying a used house could mean low or poor energy efficiency which only costs more money in the long run with bills and upgrades.

Is that under warranty? 

30 days, 6 months, 1 year…what about 10 years? Just like a new car vs. a used car, new homes can include a builder’s warranty, which only makes you and your family feel even more secure. Not only a builder’s warranty, but all your heating and cooling systems are new and often offer a manufacturer’s warranty, so replacing them on your own right after you move in, won’t even be on your mind. Most, if not all used houses do NOT offer a warranty, which again could cost you more $$$ in the long run. You never know when that AC is going to go out and your emergency fund is depleted from the lack of a warranty.

Washers, Dryers, and Ovens Oh My! 

Used houses rarely come with new appliances, and if they do, are they of good quality, or are they purchased just for a look to sell the used house. How well do they actually work? Are they a safety risk at all? New homes and builders may offer the option to include brand new appliances for your home, again with warranties attached! If the appliances are not included in your new home price, you may be able to add the additional cost into your mortgage. It is important to note, when looking for your “new” home, you may need to factor in out-of-pocket expenses for outdated appliances in a used home.


Overall, there are so many different factors to buying a new home vs a used house. Things you will want to keep in mind, because of the unexpected expenses of buying a used house, you could make or break the bank. Down the line after all the renovations, construction and surprises of trying to make a used house fit your style, you may regret not just going with a newly built custom home. 

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