So Part One of our series covered how we are modernizing the building of your home. But how are we modernizing the home, itself? Well, let’s take a look at the trends from even a couple years ago. Most homes had 3 main areas….a living space, kitchen and dining room. Years before that you were looking at a casual living space, a formal living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

And now? You’ll be hard pressed to find a home with a formal living room and while we’re still seeing homes with a dining room (anyone else blaming Pinterest’s love of tablescapes for your holiday dinners?!), I would say 90% of the homes we are building today have large, airy living spaces that become multi-functional. Kitchens that flow seamlessly into your living room, making what traditionally was a single room as the heart of the house (the kitchen) into a space that transforms the whole house into that heart of the home feel. Not to mention it is a big plus to whoever does the cooking for those big family get togethers…no missing any of the action!

We’re also seeing the use of flex-spaces a lot, which homeowners have used as anything from an office to a dining room to a playroom. We’ve arched doorways or put in pocket doors and wainscoting to fit the needs of our homeowners… but truly allowing our homeowners to customize their home, for their life is the most important way we are modernizing things. Gone are the days of tan and bland, and in are the modern looks of chunky moldings and grey walls (Intellectual Gray walls are getting a lot of hits in our homes!).

We’re not the traditional homebuilder…and we’re okay with that. “Changing the face of homebuilding” is something said around our offices quite a bit, and to us, that means not being afraid to step out of the box, try something new, or have our standards be a traditional builder’s upgrades. Call us, email us or even message us on Facebook. Let’s get together so you can see the Silverthorne difference.