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We continue to find ways to build a home for you and help make sure your needs and wants are met. We set the highest standards for ourselves, and believe it shows in the products we deliver. Here are 5 ways that we set ourselves apart from the rest:

1. Standards most consider upgrades
When you build with us, you’ll learn that many of our standard features are considered upgrades by others. From 42-inch cabinets in a variety of colors (including the classics like white and gray), granite counters in the kitchen and bathroom, and the innovative zip system to make sure your home is just as friendly on your energy use as it is on the eyes. For a full explanation of standard features, contact our sales team for more information.

kitchen with gray cabinets

2. Exclusive Online Portal
With life happening at what seems like hyper speed, having to manage work, life, family and any other schedule you’re responsible for, you have enough things to manage and the last thing you need is to have to carry around a binder of information, make any more appointments or try and manually keep track of how much you’ve spent. After all, this is likely the biggest and most important investment you will make. The purpose of our online portal is to help you manage the building process of your new home in a way that fits your needs. You can make selections, manage your budget and communicate with the building team, all from the convenience of your couch, office chair, or even the beach!

3. Prioritize Efficiency
With a commitment to include environmentally-friendly features as part of the standard homebuilding package, Silverthorne includes features such as the Nest thermostat to encourage smart-house technology with environmental benefits. But the Nest only works best on a fully sealed home, which is why we always complete a blower door test, and you see our houses wrapped in green with the ZIP system – a water resistant and air barrier that keeps air and moisture out, and energy savings and comfort in.

4. Flexible Lighting Choices
Lighting is like jewelry for a house; it can make a room formal or casual, it can stand out or be subtle, it can vary room to room, be the main focus, or accent a favorite feature. We want to give you the option to personalize your home the way you want to; not the way we want it. When you’re sitting on your couch or between meetings making your selections, we give you the flexibility to choose the lighting fixtures you want by providing an allowance to spend on the fixtures of your choice.

Ceiling mount fixture

5. A full-size basement includes 9′ ceilings and rough-in for a finished bathroom
Finished basements are a must for some, and a want for others. We recognize that people can decide later down the road they want to add some extra space to their home by finishing their basement. We have also learned from experience that when this happens, it’s much easier to have the rough-in for a bathroom already ready to go. Because of this, we provide a full-size basement, with a rough-in for a bathroom, and 9’ ceilings to make sure the space is just as comfortable downstairs as it is up.

When you get a Silverthorne home, there’s no hidden costs, extra work, or extra projects. You get a custom house at the standard builder’s price that’s ready for you to walk in and settle down.