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Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color,  has identified Greenery to be the color of the year in 2017.

If you’re anything like me, green is not the first color you would think to paint your walls! I get it – it’s “natures neutral” and some people can make it work. But the color changes every year, and have you ever painted walls before? It’s a lot of work!  So although it is the color of the year, paint suppliers have stepped in to provide their view on the 2017 paint colors of the year for homes.

House with neutral color walls and pops of accent color from furniture and accessories.


Neutral tones are popping up all throughout the industry, and while it might seem like you’ve heard this before, these new tones are eye-catching and include some purple and blue undertones that cool off some of the warmer neutrals, and warm up some of the cooler tones. What’s great about neutral walls is the ability to incorporate pops of color throughout your home and change these colors as often as you please! If this year’s greenery ends up on your curtains, but next year’s color is more appealing to you, all you have to do is swap them out.


Check out this year’s colors, as decided by some well-known paint providers and let us know which colors you would prefer for you home!